5 Keys to Success on Youtube

A Free Online Training hosted by Kassandra Reinhardt
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Discover the secret behind a thriving, successful and profitable Youtube channel!

Join Kassandra on this free training that goes over the 5 keys to being successful on Youtube.
SPOILER ALERT: It has nothing to do with equipment!

What You will Learn on the Day

How to turn a good youtube yoga channel into a GREAT yoga youtube channel using the 5 behaviours and attitudes that help you connect with your audience in a genuine way.
How to make competition irrelevant, even in a saturated market and let your personality shine through so you can attract your perfect tribe.
How to make the shift from amateur to professional. It's all about your mindset and your approach, not the fancy equipment you may or may not have.

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This guide is for you if:
1. You don't have a youtube channel but have a message you want to share with the world
2. You have a small youtube channel that doesn't have a clear focus, strategy or brand

This 21 page booklet will take you through:

  • 5 keys for success
  • Planning (theme, testing the waters)
  • Production (set up, video essentials)
  • Post Production (editing, uploading)
  • Marketing (promotion, making money on youtube)
  • Resources

  • Anytime Access