An Exclusive Online Webinar hosted by Kassandra Reinhardt

Lunar Cycles & Yoga


Meet Kassandra

Kassandra Reinhardt is an Ottawa based yoga instructor who teaches online yoga classes through her youtube channel and website. In January 2017 she opened the doors to her Lunar Yoga community for women and is passionate about sharing the benefits of syncing up your yoga practice with the lunar phases.

Since starting the Lunar Yoga program she's had a lot of people reach out to her with questions surrounding the phases of the moon. This webinar serves as an introduction to this subject and provides concrete tips and tricks that anyone can implement for more energy, intuition and connection.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn on The Day

The energetic qualities of the New Moon, Third Quarter, Full Moon and First Quarter
The styles of yoga that best suit the moon phases
The four archetypes associated with the four main lunar phases
Simple practices and rituals that flow with the moon phases
The basics of lunaception - syncing up your menstrual cycle with the lunar cycle
The physical, emotional and energetic benefits of aligning your tasks and activities with the lunar cycle